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Welcome To Guide to Ceilings.com

Your Guide to Ceilings

It is often that the ceiling of the average home goes unnoticed. In truth, plain ceilings are blank canvases waiting to enhance the beauty, comfort and value of your home. The homeowner has a wide selection of options when it comes to ceiling decoration, including the addition of moulding, ceiling domes, medallions, tin ceiling tiles, and more.

Architectural ceiling accents also offer solutions to common ceiling problems: A low ceiling can be opened up with a ceiling dome, creating the illusion of space and height. Ceilings that seem out of place or even jarring

Welcome To Guide to Ceilings. com

can be easily decorated with medallions or tin ceiling panels, for example, to match the decor theme of the room below. Accents applied to very large ceilings can also be used to create effective focal points within a room, helping to add desired division between areas.

Ceiling fans, chandeliers, and lighting fixtures can also be accented by ceiling medallions and decorations. Two part ceiling medallions make application easier than ever, and the seam of the medallion is perfectly hidden.

Any number of effects can be achieved with Architectural Depot’s wide selection of ceiling items, and design styles. The results are often dramatic, and this can be achieved without emptying your wallet.

Architectural ceiling accents are easy to install and cost effective. When you apply our items to your ceilings, you can be sure that the highest quality polyurethane and wood are used. Our tin ceiling panels are brilliantly finished in brass, chrome, steel, and copper, and will never rust.